Learn about how other people or a loved one have coped with illness.


We need you to SHARE your personal stories to help others and make the health information on sixpartswater.org even more engaging.  This is your chance to help others based on your experience.  Click here right NOW!

We are looking for ordinary people who have experienced illness or other health issues to share those experiences.   Help others with your insights and practical tips or just share your feelings......

  • join the sixpartswater community by signing up and completing your profile.  If you don't wish the story to refer to your real name, please make sure you create a username that will be used instead
  • write up your story on your computer - about how you or someone you know have experienced illness or other health issues.  Don't worry about how short or long it is
  • click here to open up an email message, copy your story into the message and send it to us
  • we will work out how best to categorise your story and will then PUBLISH it online
  • EASY!!

In certain cases, we may contact you to ask whether you would be willing to describe your experiences on video.

Alternatively, if you know someone else who may have a story to share, please send them this link.

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