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Very low rate of early use of prescription smoking cessation medications among older patients after heart attack

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
Only about 7 percent of older adults who smoked used a prescription smoking cessation medication within 90 days after being discharged from a hospital following a heart attack, according to a study.

Some women may benefit from delaying breast reconstruction following mastectomy

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
Some patients with a combination of risk factors, such as being obese and having diabetes or being a smoker, may benefit from delayed rather than immediate breast implant reconstruction after a mastectomy to decrease their risk for serious wound complications, according to a study.

Definitive genomic study reveals alterations driving most medulloblastoma brain tumors

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
An international consortium completed a landmark study of most common pediatric brain tumor, revealing new cancer genes, laying the foundation to expand precision medicine.

Secrets of our cellular 'energy sensor'

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
Scientists have uncovered a new kind of 'energy sensor' in our cells, changing our understanding of how the body monitors glucose levels and switches on the supply of alternative 'fuels.' It is thought the research could have particular implications for diabetes, in which the level of glucose in the blood is abnormally high.

Social interaction affects cancer patients' response to treatment

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
How well cancer patients fared after chemotherapy was affected by their social interaction with other patients during treatment, according to a new study. Cancer patients were a little more likely to survive for five years or more after chemotherapy if they interacted during chemotherapy with other patients who also survived for five years or more.

Vaccine rejection and hesitancy examined: Effect of calls to promote vaccination

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
The center of a public health debate is whether parents should have their children vaccinated. Researchers challenge statements made by influential individuals who oppose the widespread use of vaccines.

10-year-old Miami boy dies after suspected skin contact with fentanyl

CNN (US) - 19/07/2017
A 10-year-old Miami boy died last month after suspected skin contact with a deadly mixture of opioid drugs, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said Tuesday.

Tina Howe Copes With Caregiving and Other Late-in-Life Storms

New York Times - 19/07/2017
Looking after her ailing husband, and the perils of climate change, are inspirations for her new play, “Singing Beach.”

Woman disfigured by gunshot gets a full face transplant

Daily Mail (UK) - 19/07/2017
The hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, says the 31-hour surgery in May was its third face transplant and its first 'total face transplant.'

Soil filters out some emerging contaminants before reaching groundwater

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
There is considerable uncertainty surrounding emerging contaminants in aquatic ecosystems and groundwater, and a recent study of compounds from pharmaceuticals and personal care products didn't add much clarity. But it did provide insight into the transport of the chemicals, according to researchers.

New animal models for hepatitis C could pave the way for a vaccine

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
In the rats that roam New York City's streets and tunnels, scientists have found a virus that resembles hepatitis C. They have used it to create the first animal model of the human disease, a breakthrough that potentially could yield a much-needed vaccine.

Major communication gaps between doctors, home health care nurses revealed

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
Serious gaps in communication have been found between physicians and home health care agencies responsible for caring for often elderly patients discharged from hospitals. The problem, the study said, can contribute to hospital readmissions.

Human in vitro fertilization could evolve thanks to piglet study

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
It is estimated that parents seeking to have children through in vitro fertilization (IVF) spend between $12,000 and $15,000 each session plus the cost of medications, which could average between $3,000 and $5,000. Now, researchers have made a discovery that could decrease the costs associated with IVF in humans -- and it all started with piglets.

Brains are more plastic than we thought

Science Daily (US) - 19/07/2017
New research has shown just how adaptive the brain can be, knowledge that could one day be applied to recovery from conditions such as stroke.

Test shows you how old you will be when health advances

Daily Mail (UK) - 19/07/2017
EXCLUSIVE: London-based Focus Clinic has created a module that tells you how old you will be when 3D printing is a vital tool in surgery and wearable technology assesses our posture.

Struggling to breastfeed? Warm up your nipples!

Daily Mail (UK) - 19/07/2017
Researchers from the hospital Policlinico Abano Terme in Italy found that a significant difference in temperature between a mother's nipples and a newborn's lips guides babies to the breast.