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CDC panel again advises against FluMist

CNN (US) - 21/06/2017
Shots will continue to be the main option for the upcoming flu season.

Chicago Blackhawks player is allergic to the team's kit

Daily Mail (UK) - 21/06/2017
Marian Hossa, a hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks, said he won't be playing next season due to a progressive skin condition. The disorder makes him allergic to his hockey equipment.

'You never think your baby is going to die'

BBC Health News - 21/06/2017
Kym Field's son died hours after birth due to a failure by medical staff to monitor his heart rate.

EU court: Vaccines can be blamed for illness without scientific evidence

CNN (US) - 21/06/2017
The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled Wednesday that courts may consider vaccines to be the cause of an illness, even in the absence of scientific evidence confirming a link.

Guy takes bare-legged stand against office shorts policy, and men rejoice

CNN (US) - 21/06/2017
Unless you are a professional basketball player or a postal worker, shorts for dudes are usually not in the office dress code. But what about the rest of the working malekind, whose poor legs are doomed to be imprisoned in pants during the long, sweaty summer months?

With Health Law in Flux, Insurers Scramble to Meet Filing Deadline

New York Times - 21/06/2017
Anthem, a major player in the Obamacare exchanges, announced that it would withdraw from Wisconsin and Indiana next year, along with Ohio.

Where in the world will the next emerging disease appear?

CNN (US) - 21/06/2017
Some of the world's worst diseases -- think Ebola or AIDS -- start in animals, jump the hurdle of species to enter humans and then get passed from person to person. These are called zoonotic or animal-origin infectious diseases.

A racing heart

ABC Australia - 21/06/2017

When your heart runs a marathon without your body

ABC Australia - 21/06/2017
What do you do when your heart is racing at what feels like a million miles an hour? The answer, for some, is to lie on your back, with legs in the air, and blow hard.

An end to population aging in China, Germany, USA

Science Daily (US) - 21/06/2017
New measures of aging, combined with UN population projections, show that population aging is likely to end before 2100 in China, Germany, and the USA.

Predicting cognitive deficits in people with Parkinson's disease

Science Daily (US) - 21/06/2017
Parkinson's disease is commonly thought of as a movement disorder, but after years of living with the disease, approximately 25 percent of patients also experience deficits in cognition that impair function. A newly developed research tool may help predict a patient's risk for developing dementia and could enable clinical trials aimed at finding treatments to prevent the cognitive effects of the disease.

Trends in emergency room visits and costs for patients with shingles

Science Daily (US) - 21/06/2017
A new study suggests that while emergency room visits for shingles has decreased for those vaccinated against either the chicken pox (18 to 19 years old) or the shingles (60 years and older), the patient population in-between (ages 20-59 years old) has experienced increased visits for the disease.

Cheerleader had five pound tumor growing in her ovary

Daily Mail (UK) - 21/06/2017
Cheerleader Caly Bevier was 15 years old when she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2015. Doctors initially thought she was pregnant because of the Ohio teen's protruding stomach.

Specific diabetes medications to protect bone health recommended

Science Daily (US) - 21/06/2017
Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and osteoporosis often coexist in patients, but managing both conditions can be a challenge. A comprehensive review highlights the most effective treatment options for treating these conditions together.

Serotonin improves sociability in mouse model of autism

Science Daily (US) - 21/06/2017
Scientists have linked early serotonin deficiency to several symptoms that occur in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The study examined serotonin levels, brain circuitry, and behavior in a mouse model of ASD. Experiments showed that increasing serotonergic activity in the brain during early development led to more balanced brain activity and improved the abnormal sociability of these mice.

Sleep-wake rhythms vary widely with age as well as amongst individuals of a given age

Science Daily (US) - 21/06/2017
The sleep rhythms that reflect circadian systems peak later in teenagers than in adults, and vary as much as 10 hours in individuals across at any ages, according to a new study.

Does this explain why teenagers are so lazy?

Daily Mail (UK) - 21/06/2017
The researchers, led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, looked at the hours people slept on weekend days, when an alarm clock or job were less likely to disrupt their natural sleeping times.

New research uncovers brain mechanism that enables more efficient multitasking

News Medical (Australia) - 21/06/2017
Although "multitasking" is a popular buzzword, research shows that only 2% of the population actually multitasks efficiently. Most of us just shift back and forth between different tasks, a process that requires our brains to refocus time and time again -- and reduces overall productivity by a whopping 40%.