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How medical artists are faking hair, retouching scans and even creating nipples

Daily Mail (UK) - 26/11/2011
Miranda Luxford suffers from alopecia and said she feels like an alien when she has no eyebrows. She then contacted Tracie Giles, an expert in medical tattooing.

UK women are 'fattest in Europe'

BBC Health News - 26/11/2011
The UK has the highest ratio of obese women in any country in Europe, according to European Union figures.

Doctors issue a health warning to pensioners after discovering millions have a poor diet

Daily Mail (UK) - 26/11/2011
Doctors say this poor diet is a ‘health time-bomb’ with many facing a future of serious health problems, which could be easily avoided with a healthy balanced diet.

Foxgloves, the beautiful but poisonous flowers that could beat breast cancer

Daily Mail (UK) - 26/11/2011
Scientists at John Hopkins University have discovered that a drug based on foxglove, can dramatically slow the migration of malignant cells to other parts of the body.

Alice Vinall went from obese to anorexic: Eating disorder battle could have killed her

Daily Mail (UK) - 26/11/2011
Going from fat to thin nearly killed Alice Vinall (pictured), of Hertfordshire, after she lost a staggering 11 stone in a bid to shed her bulk.

Stop wrinkles with a bee sting: Celebrities' favourite 'poison' available on the high street

Daily Mail (UK) - 26/11/2011
It may not sound appealing, but scientists have discovered bee sting poison boost collagen - which gives skin youthful elasticity and make it less susceptible to sun damage.

Paralysed cyclist is 'cured' by bike crash and now has Olympic hope

Daily Mail (UK) - 26/11/2011
Monique van der Vorst (pictured), from the Netherlands, was paralysed from the waist down and had been confined to a wheelchair for 13 years.

Love on the transplant list

BBC Health News - 26/11/2011
The young woman in love who kept fighting for life

Former world's fattest man begs for NHS operation to remove folds of skin after losing 40 STONE

Daily Mail (UK) - 26/11/2011
Paul Mason, from Ipswich, whose care bill has cost the taxpayer £1million over the past 15 years, says he thinks he has been 'left high and dry' by the NHS.

Ex-Soldier Mitch Hunter gets whole new face from 14-hour operation 10 years after having it destroyed

Daily Mail (UK) - 26/11/2011
Mitch Hunter's appearance used to scare children when he went outside, but 10 years after having his face destroyed he can smile again and feel his wife's kiss.

The Thatcher gene: Scientists discover secret of internal alarm clock that allows some to get by on just four hours' sleep

Daily Mail (UK) - 25/11/2011
Scientists identified a gene called ABCC9 that can reduce the length of time we sleep. The same gene has previously been linked to heart disease and diabetes.

British women are the fattest in Europe as quarter are classed as obese

Daily Mail (UK) - 25/11/2011
It's the one leader board that the UK doesn't want to top - but British women have been named the fattest in Europe, according to new EU statistics.

Many Africans have no access to efficient and safe AIDS therapy

Science Daily (US) - 25/11/2011
Scientists warn: the control of the HIV virus in sub-Saharan Africa may have taken some large steps, mainly due to the lower price of medicines, but at the same time a lot of problems remain.

Transplanted cells repair the brain in obese mice

Science Daily (US) - 25/11/2011
Small numbers of properly selected neurons, transplanted into damaged brain areas in mice, are capable of restoring lost functions. Experiments on mice with a defect resulting in obesity and a series of measurements documenting efficiency of the neuron transplant method have now been carried out.

Strike means delayed operations

BBC Health News - 25/11/2011
Hospital managers say Wednesday's public sector pensions strike means thousands of non-emergency operations will be postponed.

Births at home or in hospital: risks explained

NHS Choices (UK) - 25/11/2011
A major study published today has examined the risks of planned home births, comparing them against planned deliveries in hospitals and midwife units. The research was covered by several newspapers, some of which highlighted a low risk while others said the practice carries a high risk.

We're not dumping the junk! Shoppers ignore health warnings on food and buy whatever they want, study finds

Daily Mail (UK) - 25/11/2011
People who said they understood or liked the various labelling schemes were happy to ignore them and buy the food they liked best, said researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark.

Chinese medicine could double the chances of childless couples conceiving

Daily Mail (UK) - 25/11/2011
Researchers at Adelaide University, Australia, found a two-fold improvement in pregnancy rates over just four months of treatment from practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine.

VIDEO: Thalidomide's Nazi links examined

BBC Health News - 25/11/2011
Prof Ray Stokes is researching links between the drug Thalidomide and the Nazis who he says helped develop it.

Jamie Oliver in new meals attack

BBC Health News - 25/11/2011
The TV chef Jamie Oliver says healthy school food standards are being eroded.