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Cyst on California woman's chest oozes an avalanche of pus

Daily Mail (UK) - 24/11/2017
The clip was recorded by Dr Michael Lewis, who runs his own practice in California. As soon as the pus is released from the painful, infected cyst the unnamed woman lets out a sigh of relief.

Virtual reality used during cystic fibrosis treatment

BBC Health News - 24/11/2017
Cystic fibrosis patients can now use virtual reality safaris to distract them from treatment.

Breast cancer patient fears she can't have children

Daily Mail (UK) - 24/11/2017
EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Roberts, 33, who lives near Swadlincote, in Derbyshire, said she feared the chemotherapy would rob her of her chance of having children with her fiance, Jake.

Ask Well: Am I at High Risk for a Heart Attack?

New York Times - 24/11/2017
Physicians use a number of different factors to assess your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Budget blank

BBC Health News - 24/11/2017
After two decades of reports and reviews what's changed in social care in England?

South Wales mother woke from a coma thinking she was 13

Daily Mail (UK) - 24/11/2017
One minute Shannon Everett, 22, from Cwmbran in Gwent, South Wales, told her mother, Nicola Everett, 46, and fiancé Ioan she loved them and the next her heart stopped beating, while giving birth.

Paediatrician says rest and water is best to fight colds

Daily Mail (UK) - 24/11/2017
The conventional wisdom is that you should use cough medicine: but this could be harmful. You'd be better relying on more traditional methods to heal a seasonal cough or cold

Why Tobacco Companies Are Paying to Tell You Smoking Kills

New York Times - 24/11/2017
Court-ordered ads, which will start appearing on Sunday, are “corrective statements” about the health risks and addictive nature of smoking.

NHS prepares to ration painkillers and routine operations

Daily Mail (UK) - 24/11/2017
NHS bosses are drawing up national rationing guidelines for routine operations and prescription medicines after getting only a third of the money they asked for in the Budget.

Undetectable viral load at time of immunisation enhances yellow fever vaccine protection for people with HIV

National Aids Manual (UK) - 24/11/2017
Viral suppression at the time of immunisation is the most important determinant of long-term response to yellow fever vaccination among people with HIV, Swiss investigators report in Clinical Infectious Diseases. Every person with an undetectable viral load at the time of first yellow fever vaccination continued to have a protective response ten years after vaccination, they

Driving children to school exposes them to more pollution

Daily Mail (UK) - 24/11/2017
Parents who drive their children to school in the UK are unwittingly ‘poisoning’ them as toxic fumes are three times higher inside cars than outside and increases the country's obesity problem.

Glaucoma researchers aiming for brighter future for patients

ABC Australia - 24/11/2017
Schoolteacher Sebastian Cielens desperately hopes his children have not inherited his glaucoma, but is one of almost 300,000 Australians looking forward to a day when the disease may be curable.

Simon Dobbin: Brain-damaged fan gets BBC DIY SOS build

BBC Health News - 24/11/2017
Simon Dobbin's home was transformed as part of the BBC television show.

Patient's four-day wait for bed at new Adelaide hospital 'completely unacceptable'

ABC Australia - 24/11/2017
The new Royal Adelaide Hospital has been open for less than three months, but is facing renewed criticism after an SA Health executive revealed one patient was waiting for almost four days for a bed.

Distinct small differences in the human brain may contribute to our cognitive abilities

News Medical (Australia) - 24/11/2017
The most dramatic divergence between humans and other primates can be found in the brain, the primary organ that gives our species its identity.

Why Is This Bacterium Hiding in Human Tumors?

New York Times - 24/11/2017
Whether Fusobacterium nucleatum causes colon tumors is unknown. But a new study hints that it may be ‘an integral part of the cancer.’

Primary tumor-associated bacteria also present in metastatic sites, study finds

News Medical (Australia) - 24/11/2017
The same bacteria present in primary tumors of patients with colorectal cancer are also present in liver metastases, a new study finds.

Researchers convert natural bacterial immune system into microscopic data recorder

News Medical (Australia) - 24/11/2017
Through a few clever molecular hacks, researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have converted a natural bacterial immune system into a microscopic data recorder, laying the groundwork for a new class of technologies that use bacterial cells for everything from disease diagnosis to environmental monitoring.

Safe mortuary care may be improved by applying common patient safety protocols

News Medical (Australia) - 24/11/2017
New research investigating serious incidents occurring in the management of patient remains after their death concludes that safe mortuary care may be improved by applying lessons learned from existing patient safety work.

New approach can track how superbugs travel among and within health care facilities

News Medical (Australia) - 24/11/2017
Killer bacteria – ones that have out-evolved our best antibiotics -- may not go away anytime soon. But a new approach to tracking their spread could eventually give us a fighting chance to keep their death toll down.