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Measles strikes more than 100 people across five regions

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
West Yorkshire has the most sufferers with 34 people being infected, followed by 32 in the West Midlands, 29 in Liverpool and Cheshire, 20 in Surrey and Sussex, and seven in Greater Manchester.

Girl gained 5 stone in 5 months due to hidden tumour

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Amy Bojar, from Pontefract, ballooned from a size 12 to a 20. A scan revealed she had 5mm tumour on pituitary gland, making her levels of cortisol 800 times higher than average.

The real reason women crave chocolate during their period

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Dietitian Melanie McGrice has revealed the real reason why women crave chocolate just before and during their period. She says there are several ways to reduce the need for a sweet fix.

Why you shouldn't hold nose and close mouth to stop sneeze

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
A 34-year-old man was taken to A&E after blasting a hole through his throat. He was kept in hospital for a week and fed through a tube after holding his nose and closing his mouth when he sneezed.

Florida boy dies of rabies after touching a sick bat

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Ryker Roque, six, died on Sunday at a hospital in Orlando, Florida, after touching a bat which his father Henry had found in the garden and put in a bucket.

Statins are safe for children

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Statins are safe for children as young as seven, research suggests. Up to 56,000 children in the UK with a genetic condition could benefit from the drugs, experts say.

The Parasite on the Playground

New York Times - 16/01/2018
Roundworm eggs, shed by stray dogs, can be ingested by children playing outside. The worm’s larvae have been found in the brain, experts say, perhaps impairing development.

Link between television ads and junk food consumption

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Teenagers who watch lots of television adverts eat far more junk food, Cancer Research UK have warned. Youngsters who watch more than three hours of commercial TV a day are at risk.

Private GPs accused of cashing in on the flu crisis

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Dr Arun Ghosh clinics – which have five surgeries in Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire – and the Surrey GP in Guildford both charge £45 for the jab.

Global Health: ‘Smart Thermometers’ Track Flu Season in Real Time

New York Times - 16/01/2018
Can 500,000 thermometers transmitting 25,000 readings a day forecast the spread of flu more accurately than the C.D.C.?

Revolution in health and social care urged in Wales

BBC Health News - 16/01/2018
There is an appetite for bold changes in the NHS and social care in Wales, says an expert review.

You do NOT need to eat before a workout

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Research on fitness and food started in the 1920s. But advice has changed drastically in the last 100 years. Daily Mail Online spoke to experts to separate concrete science from hear-say.

Stress can be good for you, psychologist explains

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Psychologist Dr Meg Arroll talks about how simply changing the way you view stress can help you feel less strung out - and what to do if you feel stressed but don't know why.

Nutritionist reveals the signs your liver needs a detox

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Australian nutritionist, Fiona Tuck, revealed the signs your body has had enough and how you can go about re-setting it. Her tips include incorporating dry body brushing and trying bone broth.

Johns Hopkins gets approval to perform HIV positive to HIV positive living donor kidney transplants

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
Johns Hopkins hopes to become the first hospital in the U.S. to perform HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants from living donors.

New study enrolls first patient to evaluate potential of WaveCrest LAAO System

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies today announced that Biosense Webster, Inc., a worldwide leader in the diagnosis and treatment of heart arrhythmias, enrolled the first patient in the WaveCrest Investigational Device Exemption Trial.

Energy drinks dangerous for kids

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
University of Waterloo in Canada have warned that energy drinks containing excess caffeine and sugar can lead to rapid heart rate, palpitations, headaches and even seizures in some rare instances. Their new study examined the risks posed by these drinks and appears in the latest issue of the journal CMAJ Open.

Lamprey genes provide clues to repair spinal cord damage, finds study

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
Researchers have found that several genes within an ancient species of fish can be used to provide clues in the treatment of spinal cord damage. The study titled, “Highly Conserved Molecular Pathways, Including Wnt Signaling, Promote Functional Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury in Lampreys,” appeared in the latest issue of the journal Scientific Reports.