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Why Pap smear tests are changing

ABC Australia - 20/09/2017
Pap smears are being phased out in favour of HPV tests, in a move experts say will improve early detection and save lives. Here's what you need to know.

Mum in induced coma after catching flu while pregnant

ABC Australia - 20/09/2017
A Victorian woman who recently gave birth remains in an induced coma after contracting influenza while pregnant, as dangerous strains of the illness prompt calls for stronger vaccines, and free shots for more people.

Chester Bennington's wife shares family video showing 'what depression looked like to us'

ABC Australia - 19/09/2017
A video showing the late Linkin Park frontman laughing with his family hours before he took his own life serves as a reminder that depression is not always obvious.

Virus DNA test better than Pap smear for cervical cancer screening

ABC Australia - 19/09/2017
DNA screening for the virus that causes cervical cancer is the most effective method for detecting pre-cancerous cells, even in women vaccinated against the virus, Australian researchers find.

AI won't replace your doctor soon — but it can help with diagnosis

ABC Australia - 19/09/2017
The first generation of medical artificial intelligence systems are already rolling out to clinics, so what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Blood feud as towns' donors face 500km round trip

ABC Australia - 19/09/2017
The Red Cross Blood Service has defended its decision to regionalise blood collection in New South Wales — despite calls in State Parliament for services to be returned.

Intellectually disabled chase dreams in Special Olympics equestrian events

ABC Australia - 19/09/2017
A program in regional NSW is helping people with an intellectual disability learn to ride horses and compete at the highest of levels.

Measles alert in Victoria after patients visit shops, university

ABC Australia - 19/09/2017
A health warning is issued after two people are diagnosed with measles in Melbourne, including a man who recently returned returned from a trip to Romania.

Influenza warning issued to schools as 8yo flu victim remembered

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
Victorian schools are reminded of the risks of flu as a Melbourne family mourns the death of eight-year-old Rosie Andersen, who died last week after contracting the virus.

City nurses swap their scrubs for adventure in hospital exchange program

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
In a new exchange program, two nurses who have only ever worked in country hospitals move into Logan's emergency department, while a husband-and-wife team leave the city for the bush.

Leading doctors speak out against 'dangers' of euthanasia

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
Assisted dying laws can be easily exploited and will pose a danger to patients and doctors, three former presidents of the Australian Medical Association Victoria say, urging the state's MPs to vote against legalising euthanasia.

Health experts push for 20pc tax on sugary drinks

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
Australia's leading health organisations present the Government with eight measures they say are urgently needed to address obesity and its dire effect on the nation's physical and economic wellbeing.

What happens when cyclist and car collide?

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
In the hourly contest between cyclists and cars on our roads it's not just civility that can go out the window, it's the knowledge that when metal meets flesh and bone there can be only one outcome.

Government pledges millions to address Australia's eating disorder crisis

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
Health Minister Greg Hunt announces a $3 million funding boost for services to help the 1 million Australians currently suffering from an eating disorder.

Hobart hospital overloaded, staff under 'intense pressure', union says

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
A psychiatric patient has been waiting in the Royal Hobart Hospital's emergency department for a bed in the mental health ward for six days, according to unions, but the Government says the person was attended to "in a private cubicle".

Unions call for action on asbestos contamination after closure at NT hospital

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
The closure of a pathology laboratory at Alice Springs Hospital after health authorities detected asbestos there has led to renewed calls for better government policy around the potentially deadly building material.

Girl, 8, dies in Melbourne hospital in flu outbreak

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
An eight-year-old becomes the latest victim of Victoria's deadly flu outbreak, dying in a hospital in Melbourne's east, as the Health Minister meets with leaders amid warnings the flu season has not yet reached its peak.

Moulded food helps patients with swallowing difficulties

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
Hospitals in North Queensland find an inventive way to help patients with swallowing difficulties receive adequate nutrition.

Boat buyers urged to avoid 'Gumtree specials'

ABC Australia - 18/09/2017
Tasmanian boaties are being warned to take safety seriously, with many second-hand boats not fitted with floatation material, and inappropriate lifejackets more than 20 years old still being used.

No room: Increasing ice use forces Salvos to turn away addicts

ABC Australia - 17/09/2017
The number of ice addicts seeking treatment across Brisbane has increased dramatically, leaving the Salvation Army's local rehab centre with a months-long waiting list.