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Levels of Serum Amyloid A in Bone Sarcomas Patients: Indicator of Tumor Malignancy?

Asia Research News - 19/06/2017
In a recent study published in Electrophoresis, University of Malaya’s researchers found significant correlation between increased levels of serum amyloid A (SAA) in patients with three different bone sarcomas: pleomorphic sarcoma (PS), osteosarcoma (OS) and chondrosarcoma (CS) and the different degrees of tumor malignancy in PS, OS and CS.

Reproducing a retinal disease on a chip

Asia Research News - 16/06/2017
A joint research team at Tohoku University, Japan, has recapitulated a pathological condition of retinal diseases on a chip.

Skin Disease Caused by Sperm Cell Transmission of Keratin Mutation

Asia Research News - 16/06/2017
A Nagoya University research collaboration reveals the father–daughter inheritance of a mosaic skin disease as a sperm cell mutation causing a whole-body skin disorder: relevance to genetic counseling.

Artificial tube feeding in older adults: a complex and challenging issue in Asia

Asia Research News - 16/06/2017
Researchers from University of Malaya uncover significant obstacles to appropriate feeding for older Asians with swallowing difficulty. These obstacles involved cultural attitudes, healthcare professional perceptions and knowledge and limitations of healthcare funding, resulting in a poorer outcome for older Asians with swallowing problems.

HKBU study finds Tianjiu therapy improves allergic rhinitis patients' daily life quality

Asia Research News - 13/06/2017
The School of Chinese Medicine of HKBU recently conducted a “Tianjiu therapy for allergic rhinitis: A double-blinded randomised Placebo-controlled clinical trial”. It found that Tianjiu therapy helped to alleviate the symptoms of nasal itching suffered by allergic rhinitis patients.

HKBU clinical study finds effective stability rate of over 80% in Chinese medicine treatment of chronic renal failure

Asia Research News - 07/06/2017
A clinical study conducted by Hong Kong Baptist University found that the effective stability rate of the Chinese medicine treatment for chronic renal failure for periods of three months, half a year and one year is 96.3%, 88.89% and 83.95% respectively.

Overcoming immune suppression to fight against bovine leukemia

Asia Research News - 06/06/2017
A newly developed antibody drug reactivates suppressed immune cells, decreasing the bovine leukemia virus (BLV) counts in an infected cow. The antibody could be applied to treat a variety of intractable infectious diseases in cows.

Milk Thistle Shines Hope in the Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Asia Research News - 28/05/2017
Researchers from University of Malaya discover that herbal supplement (milk thistle) may be useful for improving liver damage in patients with fatty liver disease.

An inflammatory inference

Asia Research News - 23/05/2017
The surface proteins responsible for navigating immune cells to sites of inflammation are identified.

Sensing Insole for Footstrike Pattern Detection in Runners

Asia Research News - 22/05/2017
Researchers at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) have developed a mobile biofeedback device for footstrike pattern modification for injury prevention and rehabilitation in runners.

Unveiling nasty act of trans-fatty acids in blood

Asia Research News - 18/05/2017
Tohoku University researchers have found that trans-fatty acids promote cell death in a more direct manner than previously thought, leading to the development of atherosclerosis, a major cause of heart attacks and strokes.

New biomarkers predict accelerated diabetic eye disease

Asia Research News - 17/05/2017
Young onset type 2 diabetes patients have an increased risk of developing diabetic retinopathy at an earlier stage and at a greater frequency, according to researchers in India and US.

Studying bone loss mechanism in space

Asia Research News - 16/05/2017
Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University are conducting a study on board China’s spacecraft Tianzhou-1 in order to understand the effect of the “CKIP-1” gene on bone formation under microgravity in space.

Microrobots inspired by nature

Asia Research News - 15/05/2017
A revolutionary design mimics the rowing action of the cilia on single-celled Paramecium, demonstrating much faster movement than conventional microrobots.

Natural defense mechanism preventing cancer at the earliest stage

Asia Research News - 15/05/2017
A new study shows cells in the initial stage of cancer change their metabolism before getting eliminated by the surrounding normal cells, providing a novel target for developing cancer prevention drugs.

Deciphering an embryo-protecting protein

Asia Research News - 10/05/2017
Revelations about a protein expressed in fetal cells could provide novel insights into its function and future immunosuppressive therapies.

Turning a toxoplasma protein into a tool against infection

Asia Research News - 09/05/2017
Understanding how the toxoplasmosis parasite invades cells could result in a vaccine candidate against the disease.

The cancer-killing power of plants

Asia Research News - 09/05/2017
Researchers are uncovering specific ways that plant extracts target and kill cancerous cells in the breast and colon.

Spinal injury: The healing power of the brain

Asia Research News - 03/05/2017
Neural stem cell therapies could eventually play a role in treating spinal cord injuries.

Shining light on disease

Asia Research News - 03/05/2017
Cyanine dyes could improve the efficiency of using molecular probes to identify, for example, the presence of a virus or a tumour receptor.