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Diagnosing the impacts of health policy

Asia Research News - 20/11/2017
Study design allows more rigorous evaluation of complex healthcare interventions.

HKBU clinical study finds Chinese medicine treatment of hyperthyroidism to be over 80% effective

Asia Research News - 15/11/2017
The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) recently conducted a clinical study on Chinese medicine treatment of hyperthyroidism. The results indicated that Chinese medicine is effective in improving the symptoms of patients with hyperthyroidism and enhancing their quality of life in general.

Deadly Combination in Neurodegenerative Diseases Revealed

Asia Research News - 13/11/2017
Japanese researchers develop new mouse model that captures pathology of sporadic neurological diseases.

HKBU Chinese medicine scholars develop innovative targeted delivery system for treating osteosarcoma

Asia Research News - 10/11/2017
Chinese Medicine scholars at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have succeeded in developing a novel targeted delivery system for CRISPR/Cas9 to achieve therapeutic genome editing of VEGFA in osteosarcoma (OS).

New Possibility to Prevent and Treat Parkinson’s Disease with Licorice Extract

Asia Research News - 08/11/2017
Researchers in Korea newly found the mechanism of inhibition of dopamine neuronal cell death using licorice extract 'liquiritigenin'. It scientifically proves the possibility of treating degenerative brain diseases using natural materials.

Study: Air pollution battle is crucial to China’s public health

Asia Research News - 06/11/2017
China’s measures to improve air quality are working, but more stringent policies should be put in place to safeguard public health, a new study has shown.

Putting some skin in the microfluidics game

Asia Research News - 01/11/2017
Rapid analysis of synthetic, animal, or human skin is now possible with an on-chip replacement for conventional screening methods.

Recent forest loss helps predict timing and location of Ebola outbreaks

Asia Research News - 01/11/2017
Scientists have identified a time lag of up to two years between forest loss and the emergence of Ebola virus disease along the limits of the West and Central African rainforest.

Sulfur respiration in mammals

Asia Research News - 30/10/2017
A common sulfur metabolite having antioxidant activity appears to be formed with the help of an enzyme found in mitochondria, highlighting a potential area of research for future treatments of various diseases.

Potential Cancer Treatment Breakthrough with Nanoporous Acupuncture Needles

Asia Research News - 26/10/2017
Researchers in Korea pioneers new medical market development with needles using nanotechnology.

How studying Alzheimer's in China could unlock its secrets

Asia Research News - 25/10/2017
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia, affecting some 46 million people globally, and a leading cause of mortality in the elderly.

New way to prevent unfavorable intestinal microbiota

Asia Research News - 24/10/2017
A physiological approach to restore the gut’s ecosystem in various diseases by using antimicrobial peptides has been developed by Hokkaido University scientists.

HKBU clinical study finds scalp acupuncture effective for treating autistic children

Asia Research News - 17/10/2017
The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) conducted a clinical observation of scalp acupuncture treatment for 68 children with autism. The findings indicated that 66 patients have shown improvements after treatment, resulting in an overall efficacy rate of 97%.

Simple biomechanical test could aid implant success

Asia Research News - 10/10/2017
Opportunity to gain deeper insight into potential interaction between implants and body tissues through high-output benchtop screening.

Regenerating tissues with gene-targeting molecules

Asia Research News - 25/09/2017
A synthetic DNA-targeting molecule could pave the way for tissue regeneration.

Opening up New Chapter for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's

Asia Research News - 25/09/2017
Korean researchers have identified the cause of olfactory dysfunction in the early stage of Alzheimer's diseases. It is expected to be used in early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and therapeutic researches.

Regenerating tissues with gene-targeting molecules

Asia Research News - 22/09/2017
A synthetic DNA-targeting molecule could pave the way for tissue regeneration.

Maximizing depression treatments with therapy

Asia Research News - 20/09/2017
Cognitive behavioural therapy enhances effects of anti-depressant drugs in Malaysia.

ITE’s Innovation to Change How Kidney Stones are Removed

Asia Research News - 19/09/2017
The Singapore based team have successfully created a solution to simplify the complicated process of removing large or complex kidney stones.

Key Protein to Regulate Synapse Formation

Asia Research News - 15/09/2017
Researchers in South Korea have identified control mechanism of synapse formation using protein crystallography method. It is expected to be used in the study of brain diseases caused by dysfunction of synapse and to develop therapeutic drugs.