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Beat a stroke by banging a drum

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
The findings highlight how this therapy can potentially transform the care for tens of thousands people who suffer speech loss or other damage when the blood flow to their brain is cut off.

New study enrolls first patient to evaluate potential of WaveCrest LAAO System

News Medical (Australia) - 16/01/2018
Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies today announced that Biosense Webster, Inc., a worldwide leader in the diagnosis and treatment of heart arrhythmias, enrolled the first patient in the WaveCrest Investigational Device Exemption Trial.

The woman who battles her dementia with Post-it notes

Daily Mail (UK) - 16/01/2018
Wendy Mitchell, from Yorkshire, was devastated to learn she had Alzheimer’s aged just 58, but was determined to remain independent. She describes the memory-joggers that help her.

Dietitian reveals perfect portion size tips for eat less

Daily Mail (UK) - 13/01/2018
FEMAIL spoke to Sydney-based dietitian, Lyndi Cohen, for her advice on healthy portion sizes. She also shared her tips for reducing your portions so that you remain full without putting on weight.

Dementia-sufferer never forgot her favorite song

Daily Mail (UK) - 12/01/2018
Mary-Lou Versteegh, from London in Ontario, often sang to her granddaughter Nicole Coenen, 24, until, in 2009, the former orchard owner was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and moved to a nursing home.

RAS dimers essential for causing cancer, study shows

News Medical (Australia) - 12/01/2018
Mutated RAS genes are some of the most common genetic drivers of cancer, especially in aggressive cancers like pancreatic and lung cancer, but no medicines that target RAS are available despite decades of effort.

A man asked Siri to call for help as he suffered a stroke

Daily Mail (UK) - 12/01/2018
Rob Belt, 24, stopped to post a parcel on his way home to Cherry Willingham, Lincolnshire, on December 18, 2017, when he started feeling dizzy. He managed to ask Siri to call his fiancée.

Heat stroke likely to have killed PNG rugby star Kato Ottio

ABC Australia - 11/01/2018
Massive crowds are expected to turn out for the funeral of Papua New Guinea's rising rugby league star, Katio Ottio who died suddenly this week, aged just 23.

Woman was locked inside her body after suffering a stroke

Daily Mail (UK) - 11/01/2018
Klaudia Rachwal, now 25, who lives in Dublin, collapsed in October 2015, only to wake up to discover she could hear everything around her, but was unable to move anything but her eyes.

Risk of non-infectious elephantiasis mapped in Cameroon

Science Daily (US) - 11/01/2018
Both the etiology and demographics of podoconiosis, a non-infectious disease which causes massive swelling of the legs, are poorly understood. To help contribute to the global atlas of podoconiosis knowledge, researchers have now described the distribution of podoconiosis in Cameroon.

New TSRI study uncovers workings of first potential treatment for Marburg virus

News Medical (Australia) - 11/01/2018
With a mortality rate of up to 88 percent, Marburg virus can rip through a community in days. In 2005, an outbreak of Marburg virus struck a pediatric ward in the country of Angola. With no treatment available, doctors struggled to help as the virus killed 329 of 374 infected patients.

Family study looks at potential genetic distinctions between bipolar disorder subtypes

News Medical (Australia) - 10/01/2018
The most common subtypes of bipolar disorder, bipolar I and bipolar II, stem-at least in part-from different biological causes, according to a new study published in Biological Psychiatry.

3D images of fat cells reveal potential targets to fight against obesity

News Medical (Australia) - 10/01/2018
Stunning three-dimensional images of fat cells, the first of their kind, are the latest tactic in the ongoing fight against the global obesity epidemic.

Alzheimer’s Research UK calls on pharma to continue supporting dementia research

News Medical (Australia) - 10/01/2018
Alzheimer’s Research UK is calling for a recommitment from pharmaceutical companies to continue efforts to fund research into dementia, the leading cause of death in the UK.

Scientists Turn Skin Cells Into Muscle Cells, a Potential Boon for Research

MedicineNet (US) - 10/01/2018
Title: Scientists Turn Skin Cells Into Muscle Cells, a Potential Boon for ResearchCategory: Health NewsCreated: 1/9/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 1/9/2018 12:00:00 AM

3-D imaging of fat reveals potential targets for new obesity treatments

Science Daily (US) - 09/01/2018
With new imaging methods, scientists hope to make significant progress in the fight against obesity. A new report reveals striking images of neural projections within fat tissue, and clues for the development of new drugs.

Proteomics analyses could present new opportunities to diagnose and treat dementias

Science Daily (US) - 09/01/2018
One of the most intriguing properties of the brain is its means to undergo synaptic plasticity which represents the basis for learning and memory, abilities that severely decline in the case of a dementia. New research suggests that particular proteins important in the communication between neurons could be targets for early interventions in patients with different types of dementias.