Stress & Anxiety (Self-Care) - Overview

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What do we mean by Stress and Anxiety?

Everyone feels the effects of stressRelating to injury or concern. at times, perhaps before exams or interviews, or during big events like moving house or changing jobs. This sort of stressRelating to injury or concern. has a start and a finish. But sometimes the demands stack up, and it all becomes too much: having to work in order to make money and pay the bills, or not having work and not having enough money, plus dealing with the strains (and pleasures) of family life, housework, school runs, being depended on by parents, kids, partner.

Perhaps you can juggle all this until something happens that just seems like the last straw. It doesn't have to be a big upset - divorce, bereavement or a house move. Big life-events like these certainly add to the pressures, but often what tips the balance is just the daily hassles that keep piling up, and then suddenly make us feel that we can't cope any more.

The things that stressRelating to injury or concern. us may not always be obvious, especially if they are persistent and long-standing. Some examples include poor nutrition, environmental pollution and an impossible job or relationship. And things that bother one person might hardly affect someone else at all. People respond differently to stressRelating to injury or concern., and some people find their stressRelating to injury or concern. response gets turned on very easily. Others seem to have a temperament that is much more resilient so it takes a lot more to make them feel stressed.