Living with depression

If you have had or are living with depression, taking care of your emotional and physical health may help. Looking after yourself involves being honest about your present way of life and identifying how you can make improvements. There are various ways of doing this.

Making positive lifestyle changes

Take some time to identify and assess the situations, people, activities and environments in your daily life that you feel either damage or improve your physical and mental health. Make some changes by altering or eliminating those things you feel are damaging you.

Expressing emotions

To remain mentally healthy it is important that we are able and allowed to express our feelings. This may be through talking to someone we trust, crying or laughing. There are other creative channels we can use such as singing, dancing and painting. Expressing our feelings gives our tensions a chance to dissipate and our body an opportunity to relax.

Who can I talk to?

Finding someone that you trust to talk about the things that upset you or make you feel stressed is a valuable way to release negative emotions, and can reduce stressRelating to injury or concern.. This can be as simple as having a supportive chat, over a cup of coffee, with a friend or colleague or seeking professional talking therapy from a qualified counsellor.

Support groups

Support groups for people living with depression can be a valuable space where people with similar problems can meet regularly and talk about the issues that are affecting them and share positive experiences when things are going well. You may find details of local groups through your library, doctor, the internet or local branches of mental health charities.

Sleep and rest

If you are living with depression, getting enough sleep is essential. When we are tired, even very simple decisions and tasks can seem overwhelming and impossible to deal with.