Many people with Crohn's disease travel widely and enjoy long-haul holidays. Flare-ups may be unpredictable, but taking a few precautions can help you to have a stressRelating to injury or concern.-free travel experience.

  • Inform your doctor about your travel plans. If travelling within the same country, you may want to ask about contacts with other doctors in the places you plan to visit, in case you need their help
  • If you are going to less developed countries, consult a specialist in travel medicine
  • Be sure to carry enough medication to cover the time you are likely to be away and a few days' extra supply in case your return is delayed. If flying, always carry all your medication in your hand luggage to prevent it going astray
  • It is often advisable to obtain a letter from your doctor explaining the reason for your medication. This is especially important if you are carrying syringes of adalimumab and are travelling by aeroplane.