BodyWorks is in development.  We are looking for sponsorship (corporate or individual) or other funding to help us realise this vision.  Contact us if you would like to know more.

Our vision is to produce an application that will have two elements:

  • BodyExplorer – using it like an online map, you will be able to navigate systems, parts of the body and medical conditions. Zoom into the details and learn more as you explore
  • BodyAnimations – amazing videos using the latest computer animation techniques that will explain how a system or a part of the body works and what happens when you have a medical condition

We aim to add a wide range of video clips over time, covering treatments, operations and wellbeing in general.

Bringing the human body to life in this way will be an incredible educational resource for use by patients, loved ones, students and children.  

Here are three video examples, which have been kindly funded by the Cannon Foundation.

The Digestive System

The Large Intestine

Ulcerative Colitis